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The roles of tissue nitrate reductase activity and myoglobin in securing nitric oxide availability in deeply hypoxic crucian carp [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Marie N. Hansen, Jon O. Lundberg, Mariacristina Filice, Angela Fago, Nanna M. G. Christensen, and Frank B. JensenIn mammals, treatment with low doses of nitrite have cytoprotective effects in ischemia/reperfusion events, due to nitric oxide formation …

Wolbachia increases the susceptibility of a parasitoid wasp to hyperparasitism [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Saskya van Nouhuys, Minna Kohonen, and Anne Duplouy
The success of maternally transmitted endosymbiotic bacteria, such as Wolbachia, is directly linked to their host reproduction but in direct conflict with other parasites that kill the host before it…

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