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Hubert Yockey, 1916-2016, and His Contributions to the Intelligent Design Movement

I was sad to recently realize that Hubert Yockey passed earlier (in January) this year. Hubert Yockey, though he personally was against Intelligent Design, made many contributions to science that many of us within the ID community view as pro-ID work. I wanted to take a moment to appreciate and reflect on his contributions as […]

Researchers: Life could get started quite easily in our Cosmic Zoo

At NDPI Life: The Cosmic Zoo: The (Near) Inevitability of the Evolution of Complex, Macroscopic Life William Bains and Dirk Schulze-Makuch Abstract: Life on Earth provides a unique biological record from single-cell microbes to technologically intelligent life forms. Our evolution is marked by several major steps or innovations along a path of increasing complexity from […]

What if origin of life research rested on a mistake?

A friend suggests we notice a 2007 paper at Nous: Conclusion My argument has been that the following combination of attitudes is misguided: (i) Even if we do yet have an adequate explanation of life’s emergence, knowledge of the physical, chemical, and biological conditions that life requires makes it extremely implausible that life simply arose […]

Miserable Creatures

Imagine if atheistic materialism was actually true and humans are nothing more than biological automatons – complexly programmed and reactive robots that behave and think in whatever manner happenstance chemical interactions dictates at any given time.  Let’s think about what would actually mean. There would be no way for a biological automaton to determine whether […]

Rabbi Moshe Maverick on atheists’ grasp of reality

Painful. Closing our religion coverage for the week (a bit late, as it is the Labour Day weekend) from Rabbi Moshe Averick, in his Nonsense of a High Order: The Confused World of Modern Atheism: Atheists are prepared to deny our very grasp on reality Atheists are prepared to burrow very deep down the materialist […]

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