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Is Elon Musk seriously going to build a network of tunnels?

When it comes to geniuses, it can sometimes be difficult to tell when they’re being serious and when they’re just goofing around, as is the case with Elon Musk and his apparent plans to launch a company to dig tunnels so that he (and others, presumably) and avoid traffic. As The Verge explained, the story […]

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Dutch firm unveils concept space suit for Mars explorers

The Hague (AFP) Nov 15, 2016

Dutch company Mars One, which aims to send people to the Red Planet within a decade, on Tuesday unveiled its first concept for a space suit to protect humans “under the most difficult conditions.”

The pressurised su…

BTB, Q: Where does the FSCO/I concept come from?

A: One of the old sayings of WW II era bomber pilots was that flak gets heaviest over a sensitive target. So, when something as intuitively obvious and easily demonstrated as configuration-based, functionally specific complex organisation and/or associated (explicit or implicit) information — FSCO/I — becomes a focus for objections, that is an implicit sign […]

Earnings watch for UD News shareholders: Dawkinsbot disliked by scientists, no longer a hot property

From Andrew Griffin at Independent: British scientists don’t like Richard Dawkins, finds study that didn’t even ask questions about Richard Dawkins Though Dawkins wasn’t a part of the interview process, and researchers didn’t ask about him, 48 of the 137 British scientists they spoke to mentioned Dawkins. Of those 48 that referenced him, 80 per […]

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