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Whose Work Most Influenced You? A Social Science Bites Retrospective, Part 2

During the recording of every Social Science Bites podcast, the guest has been asked the following: Which piece of social science research has most inspired or most influenced you? And now, in honor of the 50th Bites podcast to air, journalist and interviewer David Edmonds has compiled those responses into three separate montages. The second appears here, with answers – presented alphabetically – from Bites’ guests ranging from Sarah Franklin to Angela MacRobbie.

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Left-wing journalists who supported Hillary Clinton now celebrate the brutal dictatorship of Fidel Castro, a communist tyrant who ran death squads against political enemies

(NaturalNews) Fidel Castro, now dead at 90, was a communist tyrant who oppressed his people, ordered the deaths of his political enemies, and turned Cuba into such a human hell that tens of thousands of his own citizens risked their lives to flee the i…

China’s Xi: More Social Science, But With More Socialism

Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the primacy of philosophy and social science in building a strong China, but he also said the disciplines must retain and enhance ‘Chinese characteristics’ like Marxism in the process.

CNN ‘Communist News Network’ trying to shove gun control down our throats

The war on guns is now in full swing and most of the corporate media has dutifully stepped up to play the role of liberal-progressive echo chamber, touting phony polls that asked pre-ordained “gun control” questions, featuring a parade of left-wing pol…

Clement stands firm on centre for communist surgeon

Treasury Board President Tony Clement is defending federal spending of $2.5 million on a centre dedicated to Canadian Maoist communist, Dr. Norman Bethune. "He was a great innovator and …

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