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Micius satellite enables intercontinental quantum communications

Beijing, China (SPX) Jan 23, 2018

Private and secure communications are fundamental human needs. In particular, with the exponential growth of Internet use and e-commerce, it is of paramount importance to establish a secure network with global prot…

Chinese scientists build the first quantum satellite network

A Chinese satellite placed into orbit last summer has successfully used the laws of quantum mechanics to transmit information to Earth using an essentially unbreakable communications channel, according to BBC News and Los Angeles Times reports published Thursday. The experimental satellite known as Micius was launched from the Gobi desert in August 2016, and it […]

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We’ve created a ‘bubble’ around the Earth

The effects of human activity have long been cited as a primary cause of global climate change, but new research from NASA has revealed that our use of technology also appears to be having an impact not just on the planet, but on Earth’s near-space environment as well. As the US space agency announced on […]

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Charyk helped chart the course of satellite communications

McLean VA (SPX) Nov 21, 2016

Skeptics abounded in 1963 when Joseph Charyk went looking for investors and customers for the new, quasi-private Communications Satellite Corp. (COMSAT). The company came into being when President Kennedy signed legisla…

Elon Musk to US government: ‘Can we launch 4,425 satellites?’

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is setting out strategies to launch over 4000 satellites into space to provide global Internet access. His company, SpaceX, which specializes in space exploration and technology, has applied to the US government to oversee a vast network of 4425 satellites that will blanket the globe with high-speed internet. Initial […]

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