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Bernese Mars camera CaSSIS sends first colour images from Mars

Bern, Switzerland (SPX) Apr 27, 2018

The Mars camera CaSSIS on the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter has returned its first colour images of the red planet. The camera system, which was developed at the University of Bern, is now ready for the start of its…

Schiaparelli crash site in colour

Paris (ESA) Nov 08, 2016

New high-resolution images taken by a NASA orbiter show parts of the ExoMars Schiaparelli module and its landing site in colour on the Red Planet.

Schiaparelli arrived in the Meridiani Planum region on Mars on 19 Octobe…

Retinal specialization through spatially varying cell densities and opsin coexpression in cichlid fish [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Brian E. Dalton, Fanny de Busserolles, N. Justin Marshall, and Karen L. CarletonThe distinct behaviors and varied habitats where animals live place different requirements on their visual systems. A trade-off exists between resolution and sensitivity, …

Developmental mechanisms of stripe patterns in rodents

Mammalian colour patterns are among the most recognizable characteristics found in nature and can have a profound impact on fitness. However, little is known about the mechanisms underlying the formation and subsequent evolution of these patterns. Here we show that, in the African striped mouse (Rhabdomys pumilio), periodic dorsal stripes result from underlying differences in melanocyte maturation, which give rise to spatial variation in hair colour. We identify the transcription factor ALX3 as a regulator of this process. In embryonic dorsal skin, patterned expression of Alx3 precedes pigment stripes and acts to directly repress Mitf, a master regulator of melanocyte differentiation, thereby giving rise to light-coloured hair. Moreover, Alx3 is upregulated in the light stripes of chipmunks, which have independently evolved a similar dorsal pattern. Our results show a previously undescribed mechanism for modulating spatial variation in hair colour and provide insights into how phenotypic novelty evolves.

Innate preference and learning of colour in the male cotton bollworm Helicoverpa armigera [SHORT COMMUNICATION]

Aya Satoh, Michiyo Kinoshita, and Kentaro ArikawaWe investigated the ability of colour discrimination and learning in male adults of nocturnal cotton bollworm moth, Helicoverpa armigera, under a dim light condition. The naïve moths preferred b…

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