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Collective strategy for obstacle navigation during cooperative transport by ants [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Helen F. McCreery, Zachary A. Dix, Michael D. Breed, and Radhika Nagpal
Group cohesion and consensus have primarily been studied in the context of discrete decisions, but some group tasks require making serial decisions that build on one another. We e…

Understanding how animal groups achieve coordinated movement [REVIEW]

J. E. Herbert-Read
Moving animal groups display remarkable feats of coordination. This coordination is largely achieved when individuals adjust their movement in response to their neighbours’ movements and positions. Recent advancements in automated tr…

Brexit: Well-behaved liberals seldom change history

As Ian McBride has commented in The Guardian, one of the strange features of Britain’s EU referendum is the resignation with which the losers have accepted the outcome. 16 million voters – 48 per cent of those participating – voted to Remain. Their voices have been completely silenced by the national media and political elite. […]

Emerging in play: Collectives, ownership, and everyday rules in a low-income neighborhood in Boston

Play in public space pauses the everyday and allows for fictional collective worlds to emerge. In this article I focus on the unintended ‘frictions’ triggered by these collective fictions. When players inhabit these fantastical worlds, the…

Shrinking hole in the ozone layer shows what collective action can achieve

By Anja Schmidt, University of Leeds and Ryan Neely, University of Leeds The hole in the ozone layer was first discovered in 1985 by scientists from the British Antarctic Survey, who described how ozone levels above the Antarctic were steadily dropping…

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