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Cloud seeding for snow: Does it work? Scientists report first quantifiable observations

For the first time, scientists have obtained direct, quantifiable observations of cloud seeding for increased snowfall — from the growth of ice crystals, through the processes that occur in clouds, to the eventual snowfall.
The National Science Foun…

Astronomers discover extremely hot, pitch-black exoplanet

Using the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered a most unusual exoplanet that absorbs 94% of the visible light given off by its host star, making it seem as if it is pitch-black in color, according to research published last week in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. This unusual world, officially known as WASP-12b, is a “hot […]

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Atmosphere of distant ‘warm Neptune’ fascinates astronomers

A mixture of images from NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer telescopes has resulted in fascinating observations of the exoplanet HAT-P-26b, which is classified as a ‘warm Neptune’. Water vapor and exotic clouds have been spotted in the atmosphere of the distant alien planet, which is 430 light-years away from Earth. The planet displayed a preponderance of […]

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The Pillars of Cosmic Destruction

One of the most massive star systems in our galaxy is giving astronomers clues toward how stars can disrupt new stellar formation.

Newborn stars promptly start blasting away at the clouds of molecular gas that helped form them, and that destructive pr…

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