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Dembski: Comment of the week, comments from News interspersed

From Truth Will Set You Free (18) in response to Pindi (16) — Pindi @ 16: Saying that the theory of Darwinian evolution is in free fall has nothing to do with the state of ID, or whether William Dembski is breaking ranks from the ID movement. News: Dembski isn’t “breaking ranks from the ID […]

How Much Do Campaigns (and Debates) Really Matter?

The American presidential campaign season, official and unofficial, seems essentially endless. But as the US enters the homestretch for 2016, Howard Silver wonders how much all this sound and fury really matters to voters

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A Tribute To The Classic Star Trek Uniform

Popular Mechanics: An Ode to the Classic Star Trek UniformTo boldly dress…In “Tomorrow Is Yesterday,” an episode of the original Star Trek, the good ship Enterprise accidentally time warps back to 20th Century Earth. A gung-ho U.S. Air Force colonel…

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