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Thought for the day: Wayne Rossiter on science, miracles, or a blend of both

From Wayne Rossiter, at Shadow of Oz: I simply reject this notion that the entire discussion can be cast in the framework of what is and what is not science, or what science can and cannot do. If a TEist believes in a supernatural Jesus, they’re not anti-science. But neither is a Christian who believes […]

Hubert Yockey, 1916-2016, and His Contributions to the Intelligent Design Movement

I was sad to recently realize that Hubert Yockey passed earlier (in January) this year. Hubert Yockey, though he personally was against Intelligent Design, made many contributions to science that many of us within the ID community view as pro-ID work. I wanted to take a moment to appreciate and reflect on his contributions as […]

The Impossible’ EmDrive Thruster Has Cleared Its First Credibility Hurdle

After years of unwarranted hype and dubious experimental claims, the EmDrive, an “impossible” propulsion device that claims to produce thrust while violating Newton’s Laws of Motion, has received its first published, peer-reviewed paper.

A team …

WHO claims Zika is no longer a ‘public health emergency’

Despite the fact that it continues to spread throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and regions of  southeast Asia, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Friday that it no longer views the spread of the Zika virus as a public health emergency of international concern. Rather, the public health division of the United Stations is […]

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