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Sparrow with four sexes?

From Carrie Arnold at Nature: “This bird acts like it has four sexes,” says Christopher Balakrishnan, an evolutionary biologist at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, who worked with Tuttle and Gonser. “One individual can only mate with one-quarter of the population. There are very few sexual systems with more than two sexes.” The […]

We still don’t know what nearly half the chromosome does

From Robby Berman at BigThink: While it’s true that every chromosome contains some of 25,000 genes, it now turns out to be the case that this is only a little more than half the story. Computer modeling has revealed that up to 47% of each chromosome is an enigmatic sheath-like substance called the “chromosome periphery,” […]


Methods of prohibiting Xist-dependent silencing of X chromosome genes include targeting the required Xist silencing complex components including SHARP, SMRT, HDAC3, SAF-A, LBR, and the respective binding sites of SHARP, LBR, and SAF-A on Xist, thereby …

Being Male Even Without The Y Chromosome

Scientists have figured out how a rat species that lacks the Y chromosome still maintains male characteristics.

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