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Not Science

In my law practice I often represent charter school applicants appealing local districts’ denial of their charter applications to the Colorado State Board of Education.  Some years ago in one of these appeals a local district decided to support their case for denial by hiring an infamous advocacy firm masquerading as experts in education economics […]

From indignation to norms against violence in Occupy Geneva: A case study for the problem of the emergence of norms

Why and how do norms emerge? Which norms emerge and why these ones in particular? Such questions belong to the ‘problem of the emergence of norms’, which consists of an inquiry into the production of norms in social collectives. I address …

Time Warner Cable Considers Bids for Cablevision, Cox

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – U.S. cable company Time Warner is said to be mulling bids to acquire smaller providers including Cablevision and Cox, according to a Reuters report on Friday. A source indicated all companies were in talks as both Cox and Cablevision had been contacted by TWC. Time Warner CEO Glenn Britt, [...]

Mackinder’s revenge and the rise of the mongrels

Several years ago I reviewed Christopher Beckwith’s magisterial Empires of the Silk Road: A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present. In many ways Beckwith’s narrative is a refreshing inversion of the traditional form of macrohisto…

New owners for Bankwest HQ retail space

PROPERTY firm Charter Hall Group and an associated superannuation fund have paid $458 million to a receiver for a Perth development which houses Bankwest's headquarters and the city centre's biggest retail …

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