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How to budget for COVID-19 response?

The COVID-19 pandemic requires sufficient public funding to ensure a comprehensive response. Reprioritizing public spending toward bolstering the economy and the health system requires timely action from government leaders and a supportive public finance environment. Highly-affected countries have taken various approaches to budgetary allocation, depending on their public financial management (PFM) and regulatory systems. Adjustments are required on the revenue side of budgets (e.g. loans) to account for these new economic and fiscal constraints. Quick decision-making on the expenditure side is also needed. That will be the focus of this blog. Every country must develop specific processes for allocating budget funds to the response. To inform budgetary response in countries where the pandemic may spread in the near future, a summary of observed budgetary practices in some highly-affected countries is provided below.

All of Earth’s carbon came from planetary collision 4.4 billion years ago

The carbon and sulfur that helped give rise to life on our planet may have been the result of a collision between the Earth and an embryonic world similar to Mercury, according to research led by scientists at Rice University and published this week in Nature Geosciences. Said collisions would have occurred approximately 4.4 billion […]

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New Hologram Technology Means Clearer, Cheaper Displays

Evil masterminds of the world: Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to deliver your ultimatum via hologram and the display is all wobbly and blurry and not at all intimidating?

Take heart. Science is coming to your rescue.

A new method for c…

Universities urged to sponsor free schools specialising in maths

mathematics , in a plan supported by the Office for Fair Access (Offa) to encourage talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds to study maths at degree level.As an incentive to open the new schools, universities will be allowed to fund them using…

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