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Melinda Mills on Sociogenomics

Combining sociology and genetics, Melinda Mills and her collaborators abandon the nature v. nurture controversy for empirical research on family formation, inequality, child-rearing and other real-life concerns. In this Social Science Bites podcast, she discusses this new field of ‘sociogenomics.’

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Demystifying animal ‘personality (or not): why individual variation matters to experimental biologists [COMMENTARY]

Dominique G. Roche, Vincent Careau, and Sandra A. BinningAnimal ‘personality’, defined as repeatable inter-individual differences in behaviour, is a concept in biology that faces intense controversy. Critics argue that the field is riddled…

Science language becoming less formal – a good thing or no?

From a Nature editorial: Do the academics of the Internet age still communicate as stiffly as their colleagues did at the time of the Apollo programme? Or, heaven forbid, has some scruffy informality crept into scholarly discourse? Yes, and no, according to an illuminating new analysis. Formal language is largely intact, the study finds, give […]

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