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A method of liquid nitrogen surface vitrification requiring an embryo washed in a rinsing medium, then incubated in a base medium and incubated in a hold medium before being washed in a vitrification medium and produced into a vitrification droplet (27…

Gain of function in a German cockroach?

A North Carolina State University research team has reported that a mutant strain of German cockroaches have gained a new biological function over the last 20 years: they have developed the capacity to perceive sugar as bitter, enabling them to avoid sugar-coated cockroach traps and increase their chances of survival. The research team’s original report,… more


The present invention relates to the field of cancer. More specifically, the present invention provides compositions and methods useful for treating cancer characterized by the expression of mutant FAM190A proteins. In a specific embodiment, a method f…

Logical inconsistency of Darwinism

I already wrote about some internal contradictions of Darwinism here here here here here and here. Today I deal with another logical inconsistency of Darwinism that is directly related to its foundations. Darwinian evolution, which is supposed to have created purposelessly all the biological complexity on Earth, would work according to genetic variations and natural… more

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