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Sheep learned to recognise photos of Obama and other celebrities, neuroscientists say

Of the roughly 1.1 billion sheep on Earth, roughly 1.1 billion have no idea who Barack Obama is. But there are at least eight sheep who can recognise the former president by his face. After a few days of training at the University…

NSF awards $36.6 million in new food-energy-water system grants

Today, the number of humans alive on our planet is 7.5 billion. By 2087, projections show, 11 billion people will be living on Earth.
How will we continue to have a sustainable supply of food, energy and water, and protect the ecosystems that provide…

IBM and Sony stuff 330 TB on a tiny tape

For the fifth time in just over a decade, IBM has set a new record for magnetic tape storage, as the New York-based computing giant has successfully captured 330 terabytes of uncompressed data – equal to more than 300 million books – onto a cartridge you can hold in your hand. According to The Verge, […]

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First potential nuclear waste discovered at Fukushima plant

A remotely-controlled underwater robot investigating has captured what appears to be the first images of melted nuclear fuel debris inside a reactor at the Fukushima power plant in Japan – a discovery that some are hailing as “a potential milestone” in the clean-up efforts there. The plant was severely damaged by a tsunami in 2011 […]

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