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Franken-ants to help us study epigenetics?

Who thought twenty years ago we’d be reading science releases like this ? From Jeffrey M. Perkel at The Scientist: The idea of establishing an ant colony as a model system for epigenetics dates back nearly 12 years to a conversation Reinberg had with Shelley Berger, an epigeneticist at the University of Pennsylvania. Berger had […]

Making Music From Brainwaves: A History

A new paper in Brain tells the story of attempts to turn brain waves into music. The authors are Bart Lutters and Peter J. Koehler: Brainwaves in concert: the 20th century sonification of the electroencephalogram

Electroencephalography (EEG), a tech…

Record-Breaking Stellar Explosion Helps Understand Far-Off Galaxy

Hilo HI (SPX) Sep 03, 2012

Nature hath no fury like a dying star – and astronomers couldn’t be happier…An international research team, led by Edo Berger of Harvard University, made the most of a dying star’s fury to probe a distant galaxy some 9….

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