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Woman tries blending Christianity and Transhumanism

From Meghan O’Gieblyn at the Guardian: After losing her faith, a former evangelical Christian felt adrift in the world. She then found solace in a radical technological philosophy – but its promises of immortality and spiritual transcendence soon seemed unsettlingly familiar … Transhumanism offered a vision of redemption without the thorny problems of divine justice. […]

Latest: Apes possess a “theory of mind”

From Catherine Caruso at Scientific American: In the study, published Thursday in Science, a team of scientists recorded the eye movements of three great ape species while the animals watched videos of a man searching for a hidden object that had been moved without his knowledge, and found that they looked more frequently at the […]

Turning religion from a way of thinking into a “thing” has bad implications for thinking

From Peter J.Leithart at First Things, reviewing Peter Harrison’s The Territories of Science and Religion: Harrison discerns that a seemingly innocuous grammatical change signalled tectonic shifts. Calvin wrote of “Christian religion,” religio Christiana. English translators added a definite article that was not in the original Latin. According to Harrison, “the expression ‘the true religion’ places […]

Science IS Intelligent Design

It is the common, uninformed and apparently biased expression of many anti-ID advocates that “science” makes all sorts of discoveries and advances, while Intelligent Design makes none.  This is claimed as if science and ID are two entirely different things. Although not under the specific label of “Intelligent Design”, the inventors of modern science believed […]

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