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Polarized object detection in crabs: a two-channel system [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Melanie Ailin Basnak, Veronica Perez-Schuster, Gabriela Hermitte, and Martin Beron de AstradaMany animal species take advantage of polarization vision for vital tasks such as orientation, communication, and contrast enhancement. Previous studies have …

Physicists make it possible to 3-D print your own baby universe

London, UK (SPX) Nov 02, 2016

Researchers have created a 3D printed cosmic microwave background – a map of the oldest light in the universe – and provided the files for download. The cosmic microwave background (CMB) is a glow that the universe has…

Was the Great Dying of the Permian era as bad as claimed?

No, says paleontologist and evolutionary biologist Steven Stanley of the University of Hawaii, arguing that the extinction rate was closer to 81% than 96%. From The Permian-Triassic mass extinction lasted for approximately 60,000 years, and was undoubtedly a tough time for the creatures that lived back then—prior research has suggested that there was an […]

Formerly thought “junk DNA,” lncRNA guides development of heart muscle cells

From ScienceDaily: Several years ago, biologists discovered a new type of genetic material known as long noncoding RNA. This RNA does not code for proteins and is copied from sections of the genome once believed to be “junk DNA.” Since then, scientists have found evidence that long noncoding RNA, or lncRNA, plays roles in many […]

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