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Strange Flames on the ISS

Huntsville AL (SPX) Jun 19, 2013

Fire, it is often said, is mankind’s oldest chemistry experiment.For thousands of years, people have been mixing the oxygen-rich air of Earth with an almost endless variety of fuels to produce hot luminous flame. Th…

Polymer Composites, Volume 2, Nanocomposites

  Polymer composites are materials in which the matrix polymer is reinforced with organic/inorganic fillers of a definite size and shape, leading to enhanced performance of the resultant composite. These materials find a wide number of app…

Study identifies travel choices for a smaller carbon footprint

Planes, trains, or automobiles: what’s the most climate-friendly way to travel? A new study by researchers from IIASA and CICERO brings better estimates of how much personal travel impacts the climate.
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Atomic Toolbox: Manufacturing at the Nanoscale (preview)

For decades industrial manufacturing has meant long assembly lines. This is how scores of workers–human or robot–have built really big things, such as automobiles and aircraft, or have brought to life smaller, more complex items, such as pharmaceu…

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