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How babies learn to walk holds potential clues to autism

“Our findings may allow us to identify the brain regions and networks that can predict aspects of autism before it’s possible to make a clinical diagnosis.”

Epigenetics: Researchers think small shared changes underlie varying types of autism

From ScienceDaily: Those with both rare and common types of autism spectrum disorder share a similar set of epigenetic modifications in the brain, according to a study. More than 68% of individuals with different types of autism spectrum disorder show evidence of the same pattern of a chemical modification of the protein scaffold around which […]

D.C. Premier of Documentary on Rett Syndrome

The award-winning documentary RETT: THERE IS HOPE — which showcases the struggles of families living with Rett Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder that strikes toddler girls — will hold its Washington, D.C. premier on July 9 at the National Academi…

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