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Indigenous rock shelter pushes Australia’s human history back to 65,000 years

DEEP CONNECTION: New excavations of a rock shelter near Kakadu National Park indicate humans reached Australia at least 65,000 years ago – up to 18,000 years earlier than archaeologists previously thought.

The genus Amegilla (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Anthophorini) in Australia: A revision of the subgenera Notomegilla and Zonamegilla

ZooKeys 653: 79-140
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.653.11177
Authors: Remko Leijs, Michael Batley, Katja Hogendoorn
Abstract: The Australian bees in the subgenera Notomegilla and Zonamegilla of the genus Amegilla are revised. Commonly in Aus…

Bright city lights are keeping ocean predators awake and hungry

By Damon Bolton, UNSW Australia; Alistair Becker; Emma Johnston, UNSW Australia; Graeme Clark, UNSW Australia; Katherine Dafforn, UNSW Australia, and Mariana Mayer-Pinto, UNSW Australia Light pollution is changing the day-night cycle of some fish, dra…

Australia: Oldest jewelry so far found, at 46 kya

From Alice Klein at New Scientist: A crafted piece of bone found in Australia looks as if it were designed to be worn in the nasal septum – making it the oldest bone jewellery belonging to Homo sapiens to be identified anywhere in the world. The finding shows that the first humans to reach Australia […]

Tropical invaders, heat waves and pollution take toll on Australia’s kelp forests

KELP KILLERS: The southerly migration of voracious tropical fish and urchins are threatening kelp forests along the east coast of Australia, while marine heatwaves and pollution are taking their toll in the south and west, two separate studies have found.

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