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Corticosterone rapidly suppresses innate immune activity in the House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Sisi Gao, Clarissa Sanchez, and Pierre J. DevicheStress-induced effects on innate immune activity in wild birds have been difficult to predict. These difficulties may arise from the frequent assumptions that (a) the stress response influences differen…

Science IS Intelligent Design

It is the common, uninformed and apparently biased expression of many anti-ID advocates that “science” makes all sorts of discoveries and advances, while Intelligent Design makes none.  This is claimed as if science and ID are two entirely different things. Although not under the specific label of “Intelligent Design”, the inventors of modern science believed […]

Kevin Laland et al’s Rethinking Evolution paper

Last night we noted that even New Scientist now seems to accept that it’s time to rethink how evolution works. The author of the New Scientist article is St. Andrews’ Kevin Laland, whose 2015 paper (with colleagues) is here (public access): Scientific activities take place within the structured sets of ideas and assumptions that define […]

A Response to Dr. Swamidass’s Questions, Pt. 2: Answering the Questions

This is an ongoing discussion we are having with Dr. Swamidass over the question of Methodological Naturalism in science. For those who haven’t been keeping up, I posted Dr. Swamidass’s questions to critics of MN to UD a few weeks ago, then posted some of my questions for proponents of MN. Then, my first response […]

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