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How Ecosystem and Biodiversity data and knowledge can support the GEO objectives: EU BON’s session at the European GEO Workshop

The 11th European Projects GEO Workshop took place between 19-21 June 2017, in Helsinki, Finland, bringing together European stakeholders interested in and actively contributing to the Global Earth Observations System of Systems (GEOSS).


Studying Transfer in Higher Education: New Approaches to Enduring and Emerging Topics: New Directions for Institutional Research, Number 170

  Gain fresh perspectives and approaches to the topic of students transferring among institutions of higher education. Despite the copious research on transfer patterns and students who transfer, this line of research is thronged with conc…

Rob Sheldon: If biological mechanisms accounted for consciousness, we could breed talking mice

From physicist Rob Sheldon, our physics colour commentator, on what’s wrong with the latest new theory of consciousness. That’s the one by Anil Seth that walloped through here quite recently, namely, Researcher: Never mind the “hard problem of consciousness”: The real one is… “Our experiences of being and having a body are ‘controlled hallucinations’ of […]

Little words peg Marlowe as Shakespeare coauthor

New statistical analysis identifies Christopher Marlowe as a likely coauthor of all three of William […]

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