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Quantum mechanics as an emergent property of space-time.

Is the quantization of energy/mass a fundamental or an emergent characteristic of reality. Quantum mechanics assumes that it is fundamental because it defines all interactions within it in terms of its quantized properties while one could say that Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity defines it in terms of an emergent property of continuous space-time manifold […]

Planet Nine may be causing the entire solar system to tilt

The existence of Planet Nine, the massive unconfirmed world located at the outer edge of the solar system, may be causing the sun to become tilted slightly, forcing its entire planetary system to “wobble” out of alignment, according to a soon-to-be-published new study. While all of the currently confirmed planets in the solar system orbit […]

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Mysterious Flashes Could Be Blitzars, Dying Neutron Stars

John P. Millis, PhD for – Your Universe Online

Radio observatories have recently noticed bursts of radio light emerging in the night sky. The intense flashes exist for only a moment then disappear and do not seem to repeat.

These so call…

C’mon Baby Light My (Magnetic) Fire

Living in Los Angeles for the last six years, I’ve become quite familiar with the spread of wildfires, with a corresponding deepening respect for Nature’s power. Given the devastation an out-of-control wildfire can cause, it’s not surprising that there…

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