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Middle-age people: experts don’t think you walk fast enough

Citing concerns over a “shocking” level of inactivity among the middle-aged, officials at Public Health England want men and women between the ages of 40 and 60 to pick up the pace, so that they can complete at least one, brisk 10-minute walk per day, according to published reports. The organization estimated that just six […]

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Americans Love Their Internet And Smartphones

The Pew Research Center survey found 77 percent of American adults owning a smartphone in late 2016, more than double the level of 2011, when 35 percent said they used such Smartphone, internet use at record high in US: surveyMore than…

Sorry parents, study shows you don’t know when your kids are lying.

Like all parents, I like to believe I know my daughter better than anyone on earth. But, at least according to this study, that doesn’t mean I know her well enough to tell when she’s lying. Here, researchers filmed groups of children lying or telling t…

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