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Nat Geo prepares launch of ‘Mars’ miniseries on Monday

While it will be quite a while before any of us actually sees the first astronaut step foot on Mars, a new six-part miniseries debuting Monday night on the National Geographic Channel will offer a sneak-preview of what it will take to send a manned mission to the Red Planet. “Mars,” which the network is […]

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BTB, RVB8 vs deplorably “lazy” ID-iots who “deny science” and insist on trying to “detect a designer”

UD News’ Walking dead thread offers an opportunity to address some common talking points and/or assumptions of many objectors to design. In this case, I replied to some key claims by RVB8, at 21 in the thread: [KF, 21:] >>I see your intended sting in the tail at 18 above: Actual experiments to detect a […]

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