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In Australia, Academic Contracts Threaten Freed Speech

Some universities are attempting to insert new clauses into their employment contracts that aim to limit academics’ ability to speak freely in public debate. All universities acknowledge the role that academics have in public engagement. The University of Sydney for example, states that staff “are encouraged to engage in debate on matters of public importance”. […]

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Back to School – ABCs

Just in time for the first days of school, Michelle Stack offers an A-to-Z lesson in concepts that should be packed in every university-level schoolbag.

Gobsmackingly Stupid Things Materialists Say, Entry 7,687

Tom English writes: Folks, there is no empirical evidence that intelligence exists. Psychologists and ethologists refer to it as a hypothetical construct, and define it operationally. Intelligence may play the role of a cause in a model, but it is merely an abstraction of unidentified causes. Well.  One is tempted to agree with Tom’s first […]

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