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Navigating under sea ice promotes rapid maturation of diving physiology and performance in beluga whales [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Shawn R. Noren and Robert Suydam
Little is known about the postnatal development of the physiological characteristics that support breath-hold in cetaceans, despite their need to swim and dive at birth. Arctic species have the additional demand of avoi…

Behavioural integration of auditory and antennal stimulation during phonotaxis in the field cricket Gryllus bimaculatus (DeGeer) [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Hannah Haberkern and Berthold HedwigAnimals need to flexibly respond to stimuli from their environment without compromising behavioural consistency. For example, female crickets orienting toward a conspecific male’s calling song in search of a mating p…

Is God Really Good?

Chapter 6, “Is God Really Good?” of my new Wipf and Stock book Christianity for Doubters is almost the same as the “Epilogue” of my 2015 Discovery Institute Press book In the Beginning and Other Essays on Intelligent Design. What does the problem of pain have to do with intelligent design? A lot, I think, […]

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