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Posting personal experiences on social media may help you remember them in the future

A new study — the first to look at social media’s effect on memory — suggests posting personal experiences on social media makes those events much easier to recall.
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UBC research could help local governments plan together

A new approach to modelling land use change developed at UBC could help cities and towns better coordinate their land-use planning efforts.
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Life after Fitbit: Appealing to those who feel guilty vs. free

Personal tracking tools — technologies that meticulously count our daily steps, map our runs, account for each purchase – fall in and out of favor in users’ lives.
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Pet therapy can combat homesickness

The expression dog is man’s best friend might have more weight in the case of first-year university students suffering from homesickness, according to a new UBC study.
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Study links autism severity to genetics, ultrasound

For children with autism and a class of genetic disorders, exposure to diagnostic ultrasound in the first trimester of pregnancy is linked to increased autism severity, according to a study by researchers at UW Medicine, UW Bothell and Seattle Children…

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