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Prepping saves lives: Life is hell in Puerto Rico as food, water remains “scarce” and power is nearly nonexistent

(Natural News) If ever there was a real-life example …

Structure and tree species composition in different habitats of savanna used by indigenous people in the Northern Brazilian Amazon

Biodiversity Data Journal 5: e20044
DOI: 10.3897/BDJ.5.e20044
Authors: Rodrigo Oliveira, Hugo Farias, Ricardo Perdiz, Veridiana Scudeller, Reinaldo Imbrozio Barbosa

Sleep deprivation a ‘catastrophic’ health issue, expert warns

Humanity is in the midst of a “catastrophic sleep-loss epidemic” that could have a severe impact on our health unless something is done at an institutional level to change things, a leading expert in the field warned Sunday during an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian. Matthew Walker, director of the Center for Human […]

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Linking the why and how of aging; evidence for somatotropic control of long-term memory function in the pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis [SHORT COMMUNICATION]

Lis de Weerd, Petra M. Hermann, and Willem C. WilderingOrganisms live on a budget; hence they cannot maximize all their activities at the same time. Instead, they must prioritize how they spend limiting resources on the many processes they rely on in …

How Dinosaurs Swapped Terrifying Teeth for Bird Beaks

A look at the dinosaur species that began the transition from teeth to the beaks we see in birds today.

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