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Curiouser and Curiouser

Astrophysicist and author Mario Livio ventures deep into the human mind in his new book WHY? What Makes Us Curious.

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CT scans could help smokers kick the habit, study finds

Smokers who undergo a CT scan of their lungs are more likely to kick the habit than those who opt against the screening, which could detect lung cancer at an early stage, new research led by experts from Cardiff University and published in the journal Thorax has discovered. The study involved 4,055 individuals between the […]

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Policy windows for the environment: Tips for improving the uptake of scientific knowledge

A new EU BON derived paper looks at the dynamics of science – policy dialogue, offering tips for improving the uptake of scientific knowledge.

Scientific knowledge is considered to be an important factor (alongside others) in environmental polic…

Crystal Stretches And Shrinks Under Light

Scientists in Japan have invented a flexible material that changes its ability to absorb carbon dioxide when exposed to light.

A relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanistic defines our observable environment only in terms of the probabilistic values associated with Schrödinger’s wave equation. Many interpret this as meaning a particle and all other objects exists in a world of probabilities and only become connected to the environment when observed.  Additionally it assumes that a particle is distributed or simultaneous exists […]

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