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The Big Pad of 50 Blank, Extra-Large Business Model Canvases and 50 Blank, Extra-Large Value Proposition Canvases: A Supplement to Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design

  100 Blank, Extra Large, Tear-Out Canvases Give You More Space to Brainstorm and StrategizeMillions of people use the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas to clearly understand customers, create better products, and grow…

Water Politics: Governing Our Most Precious Resource

  As the world faces another water crisis, it is easy to understand why this precious and highly-disputed resource could determine the fate of entire nations. In reality, however, water conflicts rarely result in violence and more often le…

Is Elon Musk seriously going to build a network of tunnels?

When it comes to geniuses, it can sometimes be difficult to tell when they’re being serious and when they’re just goofing around, as is the case with Elon Musk and his apparent plans to launch a company to dig tunnels so that he (and others, presumably) and avoid traffic. As The Verge explained, the story […]

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Junk DNA returns: Retroviruses play a role in development of human brain?

From ScienceDaily: They have determined that several thousands of the retroviruses that have established themselves in our genome may serve as “docking platforms” for a protein called TRIM28. This protein has the ability to “switch off” not only viruses but also the standard genes adjacent to them in the DNA helix, allowing the presence of […]

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