Michael Denton’s Evolution (Still) a Theory in Crisis a Spectator “Best Book”?

Evolution Still a Theory in Crisis From David Klinghoffer at Evolution News & Views:

Wow, congratulations to Discovery Institute biologist Michael Denton! He has won richly deserved praise in the London Spectator. In a feature highlighting “The best and worst books of 2016,” with choices from a panel of contributors, the distinguished literary critic A.N. Wilson selects Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis  as his best nonfiction work of the year:

Michael Denton’s Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis (Discovery Institute Press, £16.80). A sequel to his 1985 book — Evolution: A Theory in Crisis — this takes us up to date with the dazzling developments of life sciences over the past 30 years. Denton is a sceptic about Darwin’s theory of evolution on purely scientific grounds. It is hard to see how anyone reading his book could not be persuaded. Palaeontology provides abundant evidence of evolution within species, but none of one species morphing into another. Denton is fascinatingly clear in his exposition of the science of genetics, and how it destroys the Darwinian position. A truly great book. More.

Michael Denton’s first edition, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, set many people thinking. The second edition (“Still” a Theory in Crisis) is even better. If one looks at evolution without the coke bottle glasses supplied by Darwinism, one learns so much more. But that is just the trouble. A smart whelp may soon know more than the Darwinist prof. One must apply the brakes.

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