How to Disable Multi-View App Tab on Galaxy S3

How to Disable Multi-View App Tab on Galaxy S3(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Just recently, a lot of Samsung Galaxy S3 users on Verizon received a key update in the form of patch “JZ054K. 1535VRBMF1,” something that allows you to run apps side by side.

Pretty cool, right? But if you’re one of those who installed it, you might notice a key change to your home screen: A circular tab now appears on the left edge. It’s kind of annoying looking and can sometimes get in the way.

Fear not, though, it’s not meant to stay there it can be easily enabled only when you need it. To make it disappear, simply hold down the “back” button on the bottom right side of your device. To make it appear again, do the same.

You can find an entire list of features and changes made in the update here (

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Source: Ping! Zine
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