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Auckland Waterfalls: Karekare

The Auckland region has a surprising number of waterfalls to view.  A great number of these are located in the Waitakere ranges.  One of the falls I’d yet to see was Karekare.  One of the reasons is it’s a bit of a distance to the falls…

Glow-Stick Waterfalls And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Plus a brand-new species of hermit crab, a keyboard-inspired couch and more Click here to enter the gallery    

The Fish That Climbs Waterfalls With Its Mouth

Hawaii’s environmental extremes (read a series of active volcanic islands isolated in the middle of the ocean) make it a hotbed of novel evolutionary adaptations. Take goby fish in the genus Sicyopterus, for example. These lowly little bottom-feeders s…

Video: This Fish Climbs Waterfalls Using Its Mouth

How to scale a slippery 300-ft rock wall in the middle of a waterfall One genus of goby fish has developed a radical adaptation to life in Hawaii’s rough-and-tumble streams: it uses its mouth to climb waterfalls. Waterfall climbing is a critical skil…

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