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NASA finds 10 more habitable, Earth-like exoplanets

NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope mission has resulted in the discovery of more than 200 new candidates since the last time data was released by the US space agency, including 10 nearly-Earth sized, potentially habitable new worlds, various media outlets have reported. During a briefing held on Monday, Kepler scientists revealed that the latest round […]

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Chinese scientists use satellite to smash quantum entanglement record

SPOOKY ACTION: Scientists have used satellite technology for the first time to generate and transmit entangled photons – particles of light – across a record distance of 1,200 kilometres on Earth.

CRISPR gene editing found to cause hundreds of "unintended mutations", warn scientists

(Natural News) When you choose to interfere with natu…

Iron deep in the ocean can travel 2,500 miles

Scientists made a surprising discovery about iron particles from deep-ocean vents. “No one ever knew how far these metal particles…could travel.”

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