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When genome mapper Craig Venter made clear he doubted universal common descent…

We’d heard about Craig Venter’s dissent before but you should read the whole story: From Tom Bethell in Darwin’s House of Cards: A Journalist’s Odyssey Through the Darwin Debates, This was publicized in a science forum held at Arizona State University in February 2011, a little over a year after Dawkins’s Greatest Show was published. […]

Science under siege by government? This time, in Argentina

From U Buenos Aires molecular biologist Alberto Kornblihtt at Nature: To complete the landscape of nonsense, the chief of the cabinet of ministers, Marcos Peña, attacked one of the fundamentals of science by saying that “critical thinking has done too much damage to our country”. He continued: “Some people in Argentina think that being critical […]

New RIO contribution: Summary report and strategy recommendations for EU citizen science gateway for biodiversity data

A new report has been added to the dedicated EU BON Outputs Collection in the innovative RIO journal. The paper reviews biodiversity related citizen science in Europe, specifically the data mobilization aspect and gives an overview of citizen scienc…

Early Career Paper Authors Sought for NIH Honor

Ten years ago, the National Institute for Health’s Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research OBSSR started an annual event to commemorate the life of acclaimed gerontologist Matilda White Riley, who had died in 2004. In a rich career that saw her transition from market research to professorship at Rutgers and Bowdoin before joining NIH […]

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Nigeria: Assumpta Science Centre Will Make Nigerians Self-Sufficient – Minister

[Leadership] The Assumpta Science centre in Owerri, Imo State will contribute to the development of the country and ensure that Nigerians and other African countries become self-sufficient in defending the available resources God has given them, the Mi…

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