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Google Street View – A Useful Research Tool?

Prof Nick Wilson, Dr Amber Pearson, Amanda Rzotkiewicz, A/Prof George Thomson Looking at Google Street View can be highly amusing. If you’ve ever wandered around a neighbourhood with Street View on Google Maps, you’ll have realised that eve…

Elon Musk to US government: ‘Can we launch 4,425 satellites?’

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is setting out strategies to launch over 4000 satellites into space to provide global Internet access. His company, SpaceX, which specializes in space exploration and technology, has applied to the US government to oversee a vast network of 4425 satellites that will blanket the globe with high-speed internet. Initial […]

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You Can Play Pictionary with Google’s AI

With a new collection of eight experiments, Google is opening up its artificial intelligence research to the masses.

Encompassing a few different areas of AI research, the various experiments allow you to play, draw and type along as the computer atte…

John Searle Talks to Google

John Searle gives a nice talk at Google about real intelligence vs. machine intelligence. The conversation is interesting for a number of reasons, including some historical background of Searle’s famous “Chinese Room Argument.” First, the question of whether computers are conscious is a common one in the Intelligent Design debate, and Searle does a good […]

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