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Criminals are using drones to airdrop drugs and porn into prison

Amazon is experimenting with drone delivery in hopes to ship your impulse buys through the air, but a much seedier group seems to have already mastered the craft– much to the chagrin of law enforcement groups across the United States. According to a report published this weekend by USA Today, drones have been used on […]

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Dutch police teach eagles to take out drones

From Mindy Weisberger at LiveScience: The newest additions to the Dutch National Police (DNP) are North American “immigrants”: bald eagles that are specially trained to take down airborne drones. The initiative is a first for law enforcement, according to DNP officials. They announced in a statement, released Sept. 13, that the DNP is currently the […]

Watching over our wildlife – from above

Could we use drones to keep a close watch on our cherished threatened species?A clever tracking innovation, combining the use of drones with radio tags and dubbed DroneCounts, has scooped a major conservation award.The two Kiwis…

Small Weaponized Drones Become Reality

Military drones such as the U.S. Predator and Reaper have soared above battlefields for more than a decade. But small consumer drones that anyone can buy online have also begun to make their presence felt in modern battlefields. The militant group Isl…

Satellites to spot drones and guide cyclists

Paris (ESA) Oct 31, 2016

A space-age system for detecting drones took home the grand prize in this year’s European Satellite Navigation Competition, while ESA’s prize went to a smart satnav bicycle bell. Drones are one of the biggest trends of this…

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