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Survey show the effects of Darwin’s corrosive idea: People are just animals

From Andre Mitchell at Christian Today: According to a report on PR News Wire, the Discovery Institute conducted a study on nearly 3,700 American adults, including self-identified agnostics and atheists, to assess if belief on evolutionary theory really has an effect on religious belief. … The respondents were specifically given a list of ideas related […]

Correlations of metabolic rate and body acceleration in three species of coastal sharks under contrasting temperature regimes [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Karissa O. Lear, Nicholas M. Whitney, Lauran R. Brewster, Jack J. Morris, Robert E. Hueter, and Adrian C. GleissThe ability to produce estimates of the metabolic rate of free-ranging animals is fundamental to the study of their ecology. However, measu…

Can animals sense earthquakes?

Can animals sense disaster?Yes… and no.As is common with large earthquakes, the 7.5 magnitude Kaikoura shake turned up reports of animals behaving in odd ways in the moments before the main shock just after midnight on Monday.One…

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