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MIT creates bacteria-powered clothing straight out of science fiction

The exercise gear of the future could be covered in living microbial cells capable of expanding and shrinking in response to changes in humidity, thus allowing an athlete’s body to cool down after sensing increases in body heat and sweat, according to a team of researchers at MIT. In fact, Dr. Wen Wang, a former […]

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‘Puffy planet’ has the same density as Styrofoam

A newly discovered exoplanet with the density of Styrofoam could be useful for assessing planets beyond our solar system for signs of life.

ChildSmile – a complement, not an alternative, to fluoridation

Local antifluoride activists are busy presenting ChildSmile and similar programmes as alternatives to fluoridation. They aren’t – and New Zealand District health Boards already operate elements of these programmes where they consider them effecti…

Large Impacts May Cause Volcanic Eruptions

Really big meteorite or asteroid strikes may cause melting and deep deformations that eventually lead to volcanic eruptions.


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