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Weird Science: Was Santa’s inspiration real?

Was St Nicholas, the 4th century saint who inspired the iconography of Santa Claus, a legend or was he a real person?New Oxford University research has revealed that bones long venerated as relics of the saint, do in fact date from…

Massive East Antarctic Ice Sheet has history of instability

The East Antarctic Ice Sheet locks away enough water to raise sea level an estimated 53 meters (174 feet), more than any other ice sheet on the planet. It’s also thought to be among the most stable, not gaining or losing mass even as ice sheets in Wes…

How babies learn to walk holds potential clues to autism

“Our findings may allow us to identify the brain regions and networks that can predict aspects of autism before it’s possible to make a clinical diagnosis.”

Dust on the wind: Study reveals surprising role of dust in mountain ecosystems

Find related stories on NSF’s Critical Zone Observatories at this link.
Trees growing atop granite in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains rely on nutrients from windborne dust more than on nutrients from the underlying bedrock.
This surprising find…

NSF statement on latest LIGO-Virgo detection of binary black hole merger

Scientists supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) recently announced the detection of the merger of two relatively “light” black holes, 7 and 12 times the mass of the sun, respectively, at a distance of about 1 billion light-years. NSF’sLa…

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