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ChildSmile – a complement, not an alternative, to fluoridation

Local antifluoride activists are busy presenting ChildSmile and similar programmes as alternatives to fluoridation. They aren’t – and New Zealand District health Boards already operate elements of these programmes where they consider them effecti…

Large Impacts May Cause Volcanic Eruptions

Really big meteorite or asteroid strikes may cause melting and deep deformations that eventually lead to volcanic eruptions.


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After the Lecture: ‘Skin sensor’ researcher Zhenan Bao

Stanford University’s Zhenan Bao takes on research challenges that she knows are many years away from reaching the general public: new and inexpensive solar cells, ultra-sensitive explosives detectors, sensors that can detect something as light as a f…

The bark side: domestic dogs threaten endangered species worldwide

By Tim Doherty, Deakin University; Aaron J. Wirsing, University of Washington; Chris Dickman, University of Sydney; Dale Nimmo, Charles Sturt University; Euan Ritchie, Deakin University, and Thomas Newsome, Deakin University Humans and their canine com…

Post-Science March we Must Stay Engaged

Our real work starts now and we have a great deal to do over the coming years

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