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Thought for the day: Wayne Rossiter on science, miracles, or a blend of both

From Wayne Rossiter, at Shadow of Oz: I simply reject this notion that the entire discussion can be cast in the framework of what is and what is not science, or what science can and cannot do. If a TEist believes in a supernatural Jesus, they’re not anti-science. But neither is a Christian who believes […]

Guardian: Will religion survive when the space aliens land?

Yesterday, we heard from the people who think they know why we might never hear from alien civilizations. Today’s turn goes to Santhosh Mathew at the Guardian, who wonders if religion will survive if we do hear from them: The interaction with alien life is not just being discussed in the domain of philosophy any […]

Sperm in hot water: Direct and indirect thermal challenges interact to impact on brown trout sperm quality [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Miriam Fenkes, John L. Fitzpatrick, Karlina Ozolina, Holly A. Shiels, and Robert L. NuddsRecent and future climate change alters the thermal habitat of aquatic species on a global scale, generating novel environmental challenges during all life stages…

NAS Annual Meeting Begins

The National Academy of Sciences will hold its 154th annual meeting April 29 to May 2. During the meeting, the Academy will elect new members, induct members elected in 2016, and present its 2017 awards recognizing excellence in research or public serv…

Studying Transfer in Higher Education: New Approaches to Enduring and Emerging Topics: New Directions for Institutional Research, Number 170

  Gain fresh perspectives and approaches to the topic of students transferring among institutions of higher education. Despite the copious research on transfer patterns and students who transfer, this line of research is thronged with conc…

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