Rare Deep-Earth Tremor Caused By ‘Weather Bomb’

Scientists in Japan have detected a rare type of tremor triggered by a severe and distant North Atlantic storm.

World’s Biggest Telescope Meets World’s Second Fastest Supercomputer

The Tianhe-2 supercomputer in China has run prototype data software that will someday become the 'brain' of the Square Kilometer Array telescope.

Dragon’s Back: SpaceX Confirms Successful Splashdown

Dragon's taking a bath in the Pacific Ocean after spending a little over a month hanging out with the International Space Station.

All Donated US Blood Should Be Tested For Zika, FDA Advises

All donated blood in the US and its territories should be tested for Zika virus, according to a new guidance announced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Pentagon Study Scrutinizes The Future Of Autonomous Robot War

Last summer, the Pentagon's Defense Science Board commissioned a study to examine angles on a particular challenge for DoD, with participants drawn from consulting, defense and technical industries, as well as the military and academia. In possibly the worst John Lennon cover ever made, participants were asked to “Imagine if….We could covertly deploy networks of smart mines and UUVs [Unmanned Underwater Vehicles] to blockade and deny the sea surface, differentiating between fishing vessels and fighting ships… …and not put U.S. Service personnel or high-value assets at risk.”
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